What it is, what it is for and how App Marketing works

Digital Marketing 01 November 2022

The development of mobile applications is increasingly necessary for the operation of digital marketing.

The mobile phone is overtaking the computer as the main device for accessing the internet. This factor causes needs to change, as is the case with App Marketing.

At Kiwop we are specialists in digital marketing. This area is constantly changing and we present everything you need so that you do not fall behind. ❌

Here we will show you many ways to create good web traffic on your platforms to get your company off the ground through App Marketing.

Keep reading and don’t miss everything this tool hides!

What is App Marketing?

App Marketing is a set of techniques and digital marketing strategies to promote mobile applications related to your company and attract as many users as possible. ‍ ‍

It consists of generating an app, which you can download in AppStore or GooglePlay, based on the website of your business and so the public has easier access from their phone. This is a very effective digital marketing strategy because you provide more direct and faster access to your page and your company. This is another channel of communication between the entrepreneur and the client.

Although with the great creation of applications that are now in the online market, it is very difficult to stand out among so much information and variety. What you need is a good digital marketing strategy that puts you on the technology map.

To succeed with your platform is no longer just about creating a very good app, you need to attract and keep users. Find the potential audience to become loyal customers.

Take advantage of the information we provide you to be able to produce a good App Marketing campaign where your business objectives are met. ✅

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If you want to know more about digital marketing and how to apply it to your strategies, we recommend that you consult our blog about what digital marketing is and what it is for.

Advantages of using App Marketing

Do you have doubts with this new method?

We will start them by explaining 3 advantages of App Marketing!

Access information in a single click

It will allow you direct communication with the client, access to information and all its functionalities with a simple step. In addition to how little it will take to access compared to any website.

Your app notifications add value and generate visits

You no longer have to wait for the customer to visit your website, they will receive notifications directly on their mobile . These have to be taken care of, since they will see them constantly and they have to bring that value to the application.

Allows you geolocation strategies

You’re already inside their phone, now you have the access you needed to tailor your messages to users. Take the opportunity to do proximity marketing!

3 objectives for your App Marketing campaigns

For this strategy it is important that you are clear about your objective: marketing strategies, knowing your target, using social networks as a method of dissemination …

Mark your preferences well to establish your standards from the beginning and what you want to achieve. Some examples that you can introduce in your goals are:

Create brand image

When you get your users to carry an application of your company on their mobile, you make it seen daily. That your logo is always on their home screen means that when they talk about your business, they automatically remember the thumbnail of your application.

Build customer loyalty

Producing a quick and direct contact with your audience facilitates communication with them. This produces an attraction to download that mobile application , since now this is the most used device. It will make that they do not have to enter the web constantly, but they will be able to open it with a single click.

Make your business visible

What you can generate with this technique is that the users you already have share and disseminate your application. This way you will reach those who do not yet have knowledge of your website and your business.

Create your brand
Create your brand and make your business visible!

8 successful App Marketing strategies

To have a good campaign you have to mark the strategies you are going to use.

Depending on what you want to promote, you can choose one or the other. We also suggest that you read our blog about the 5 essential apps in digital marketing that will make you familiar with the use of mobile.

Do you want to know different strategies that you can use for your App Marketing campaign?

We show you 8!

Create a web page

You can create a webpage where you’ll find the most useful information about your app. It is a method that is used for SEO optimization and attracting new users.

At Kiwop, we are SEO experts and will be happy to help you. Contact us!

Keep in touch

Above all, you have to keep in touch with those users. After all, they are the ones who will determine the success of the application. ‍

Take advantage of social media

The essential and quintessential method of marketing are social networks. These are a great tool for creating a community and getting feedback from users. Apart from your content, you can also include the content produced by them. Another way to use them is by generating specific videos to promote yourself through networks like YouTube. ▶

Campaign in the media

Contact with the press at the right time can throw you very far in terms of public. Investigative journalism can consider your application for an article if you get it to them. With the interest of the media you can place yourself on the information map.

Even so, it is clear that you do not have to focus on interacting with journalists so as not to provoke a commercial presentation. You have to deserve to present it in the media on your own merits.

Search for specialized blogs

On the internet you can find so many types of blogs… You’re not going to finish them! It is very easy for you to find some related to your platform and, after all, they have their readers. If they mention your application in one of these specialized blogs you will have much more web traffic thanks to the fact that regular users will be aware of your business.

Get started in influencer marketing

You can easily promote your brand with influencers from different sectors to reach many more users. This technique is one of the most used in this sector today. This manages to promote your brand and make you known.

Create retention campaigns

It is important to know what percentage of users are still active after a certain period. The goal of this campaign is to identify the times when these users usually leave the application and retain them earlier.

You’ll also be able to see which areas you should improve in based on the rate of casualties you may have.

Take advantage of email marketing

Email marketing is another strategy widely used by companies for its fast, direct and effective message. You can use it to promote your app and more! If you’re curious to know more, here are 10 tips for your digital marketing strategy.

How to design an effective App Marketing strategy

To begin with, you must be clear about your potential target audience to design your App Marketing campaign. Then we will give you 5 easy tips so you can face your strategy, so that all your platforms are the order of the day of your users. ✍

Set the phases

It’s important that you set each step-by-step of your strategies for advertising your app. The projects have to be realistic and progressive, that you can scale day by day.

Impact the public

Make sure that the public does not remain indifferent. If you impact him, they will remember you.

Anticipate results

Consider how far you can go or where you can stay. If you have a forecast of your results you will be more prepared for the unforeseen events that may arise.

Set the budget

You can’t overdo it and you have to be realistic with the process. Define the figures you can reach and organize well what and how you will invest it so that it can give you the best results.

Monitor in detail

Activate the entire analytical part of your application to set your goals and processes. That you have nothing left in the air and have everything detailed. Keep an order as the project progresses.

App Marketing

Now it’s up to you to develop your Marketing App!

Start designing your App Marketing campaigns now. With this innovative technique, you will reach many more people than you imagine.

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Take advantage of App Marketing and don’t get left behind!


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