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Digital Marketing 04 April 2020

Hi Kiwoper!

Have you ever wondered what is Web accessibility?

If you are here, you will most likely do it.

According to Olivenza 2017 report, there are approximately one and a half million people with disabilities in Spain. And that’s why web accessibility is very important. That can be summarized as facilitating the use of a website to everyone for equitable access to information and equal opportunities.

Making a Web site accessible to any type of user has many advantages

But some of the main are those that:

  1. Create a good user experience automatically.
  2. Helping to reduce the digital divide, which means that even those without ICT knowledge may have a relationship with web pages.
  3. This increases the user’s visits and loyalty opportunities.
  4. There is an improvement in Web optimization in search engines, that is, these.
  5. It strengthens the business image and differentiates it from its competitiveness because it takes into account the diversity and the different limitations among visitors.
  6. Also, an accessible website is much easier to use and upgrade as it discharges the cost of development and maintenance, as well as loading Web pages.

Now that you know the importance of having flawless web accessibility, you may be wondering how to improve it, right? Let’s see some tips.

  1. Make sure there is a good contrast in the colors you use so that everything can be read correctly and the buttons can take attention.
  2. Use alternate text for all images on the web so that visually impaired people can listen to it to access your content at 100. In addition, it helps to improve the ranking of your website since search engine bots can not drag image files.
  3. For videos, it is essential to place subtitles so that people with hearing impairments can access this content. It is also very useful for those users who do not want to activate the sound but know what the video is.
  4. Make sure there is a hierarchy in the headings of your website. A H3 should always be contained by an H2 since the H3 indicates a subsection inside H2. Oh, and it is very important, that there is only one H1.
  5. The anchor text of each link must be descriptive to make sense to enumerate out of context. In addition, a descriptive anchor text also helps the search engine trackers understand their content and therefore leads to better rankings on Google.

What are you waiting for to have the best web accessibility possible?

At KIWOP we will be delighted to help you in Kiwoper:)


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