The development of e-commerce campaigns in Google Ads

Online Stores 18 May 2022

Google Ads has become the favorite platform of advertisers to work on SEM campaigns.

And it is that it serves for all types of businesses! Both to get leads, and to grow in sales. Above all, if what interests you is this last option for your e-commerce, do not miss the Shopping campaigns.

At Kiwop we want your business to be future. That is why we recommend you continue reading this article about how e-commerce or Shopping campaigns work in Google Ads.

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What is Google Ads

Google Ads is, as we mentioned before, a platform to work on SEM (Search Engine Marketing) campaigns. That is, those campaigns that are activated by keywords and thanks to which you appear among the first positions of the search engine.

In this case, Google Ads is Google’s advertising platform (of course!), and although it began with campaigns strictly focused on keywords and appearing in the first results, it now has a wide range of possibilities.

Depending on the objectives, your type of business, budget or if you are looking for direct sales or contacts, you can choose different campaigns, such as search campaigns, Display campaigns and, in which we will focus in this Blog, Shopping campaigns.

If you want to know more about this topic, we recommend this Blog with the definitive guide to Google Ads .

Google Ads allows you to appear among the first results

How Shopping campaigns work in Google Ads

Shopping campaigns in Google Ads are a new way to easily promote the products of an e-commerce. In fact, creating this type of campaign is simple, since you do not have to configure them with keywords or audience types.

On the contrary, Google Ads activates Shopping campaigns based on the information and data you enter for each of your products in Google Merchant Center.

These types of ads appear in most of the locations that Google Ads allows: in the first search results as a catalog, in the Google Shopping tab and in the Display network, which includes Gmail, YouTube and Google Discover.

Creating and configuring Shopping campaigns

But for a Shopping campaign to be successful, we tell you how to create it and, by the way, we leave you a few tips that will surely go well.

Create and configure Google Merchant Center

It is a basic for this type of campaigns, if not, you can not create them! You can set up your CMS with Google Merchant Center and upload the products automatically, or upload the products you are going to promote. You can segment and divide by country or product category, keep that in mind!

Once you have your Google Merchant Center account, fill in as much information as possible for each of your products and link your Merchant account with Google Ads.

Segment campaigns by product type

In the creation of the Shopping campaign you will be able to see that you already see the product groups according to how you have grouped them in Google Merchant Center. Once you choose what kind of products you are going to promote, you can also select or deselect those that do not interest you within the group.

As a recommendation, always segment based on type of products or countries. In this way, you can have greater control over the budget and locations and know which product works best or which area needs more investment.

Choose segmentation very well

So far so good, right? Well, a vital element arrives for Shopping campaigns; segmentation. And is that beyond dividing your campaigns based on products and countries, you have to keep in mind that in Shopping ads, especially if we appear in the search results, we compete with many advertisers.

When you see a Shopping ad, you don’t see the attributes or description of the product as the main element, you see the price. Therefore, if your products are competitively priced, you will be in the ideal place.

If not, no problem! Work better segmentation to reach people who are more likely to buy even if the price is higher. Tricks we can give you: select specific locations and zip codes or segment by purchasing power.

Example of Shopping ads in Google Ads

Start your Shopping campaign in Google Ads

If you have an e-commerce and want to start working effective campaigns, you already know everything you should take into account.

Now it’s your turn.

If you need help or want us to solve any questions related to your business, we will be happy to do so.

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