Shadowban Twitter (X): What is it and how does it affect your visibility?

Social media 26 December 2023

The subject of shadowban Twitteris an intriguing and often controversial aspect of the social networking world. This raises questions about how online interactions and visibility can be influenced, sometimes subtly, by a platform’s algorithms and policies.

The development of this topic leads us to understand how the decisions behind a platform can affect what we see and share online. Throughout this discussion, we will see how these practices impact communication in the digital age. a crucial issue for anyone using these platforms to connect with others.

What is Twitter shadowban?

Shadowban Twitter

Shadowbanning on Twitter, commonly known as “shadow banning”, is a practice where the platform reduces or limits the visibility of a user or their posts without directly notifying them.

Under a shadowban, the affected user’s tweets may not appear in searches, news feeds, or replies for other users, even though the account is still active and able to post normally.

The shadowban can be the result of a number of factors, such as violation of Twitter’s policies, behaviors considered as spam, or even due to errors in the platform’s algorithms.

Types of shadowban on Twitter

Although Twitter has denied the practice of shadowban as popularly understood, there are different types of visibility limitations that users have experienced that are commonly associated with this concept. These include:

  1. Search Shadowban: This occurs when a user’s tweets do not appear in search results. This means that, although the user can still post, their tweets are not displayed when someone searches for specific keywords or hashtags that are present in their tweets.
  1. Thread Shadowban: In this type, a user’s tweets may not appear in threads, especially in replies to other tweets. This can significantly limit the user’s interaction with others, as their responses are not visible or are less visible in public discussions.
  1. Timeline shadowban: Here, a user’s tweets do not appear on the timeline or news feed of his followers. This reduces the user’s ability to reach their existing audience, as their posts are not displayed in the regular stream of content that their followers see.
  1. Autocomplete Shadowban: In some cases, a user’s username or handle does not appear in the autocomplete suggestions when you start typing in the search bar. This can make it difficult for other users to find the affected user’s account.

Why does shadowban occur within Twitter?

Shadowban Twitter

Shadowban on Twitter, although not officially recognized by the platform as an intentional practice, can occur for a variety of reasons. are generally related to violation of platform policies or user behavior that Twitter’s algorithms interpret as problematic.

Common reasons include:

  1. Violation of Twitter Rules: If a user repeatedly violates Twitter policies, such as rules against harassment, hate speech, or abusive content, it may result in a restriction of the visibility of their posts.
  1. Spam Activity: Behavior that resembles that of bots or spam accounts: such as following and unfollowing large numbers of users quickly, repeatedly posting similar content, or mentioning users who do not follow you in numerous tweets.
  1. Reported Posts: If other users frequently report a user’s tweets, Twitter may temporarily limit the visibility of their posts while it reviews the account.
  1. Automated or Inauthentic Behavior: The use of unpermitted automations to tweet, retweet, like, or follow other users may lead to account restrictions.
  1. Algorithm Errors: Sometimes, a shadowban can be the result of an error in Twitter’s algorithms that mistakenly classify an account as problematic.

How to know if you suffer from shadowban on Twitter?

Shadowban Twitter

Determining shadowban on Twitter can be complicated, as the platform does not notify users of these restrictions. However, there are a few ways you can investigate if your account has experienced a decrease in visibility:

  1. Check the Visibility of your Tweets in Search: Type in the Twitter search bar specific keywords or hashtags that you have used in your recent tweets. If your tweets don’t show up in search results, it could be a sign.
  1. Check Visibility in Reply Threads: Post a reply in a popular thread and ask a friend or another Twitter user who does not follow you to check if they can see your reply.
  1. Use Third-Party Tools: There are online tools designed to check if a Twitter account is shadowbanned. These tools typically check the visibility of your tweets in search and other metrics. However, it is important to note that the accuracy of these tools may vary.
  1. Monitor your Stats and Engagement: A noticeable decrease in interaction with your tweets (such as retweets, likes, replies) may be indicative of a shadowban, especially if there is no apparent reason for the decrease.
  1. Check your Visibility in Lists and Feeds: If you are on Twitter lists, check if your tweets appear in the feeds of those lists. Also, you can ask your followers if they see your tweets in their feeds.

In some cases, direct contact with Twitter support can help resolve misunderstandings or errors. However, due to the unconfirmed nature of the shadowban by Twitter, it may be difficult to obtain a clear or straightforward resolution in some cases.

Ways to remove Shadowban on Twitter (X)

If you suspect you have been affected by a shadowban on Twitter. There are several steps you can take to try to remove the visibility restrictions on your account:

  1. Review and Correct your Tweets: Delete any tweets that may have violated policies, especially those that contain hate speech, harassment, or inappropriate content.
  1. Reduce Automated Activity: If you have been using automations to tweet, retweet, follow, or like, reduce or eliminate these activities. Twitter prefers authentic, human activity.
  1. Avoid Spam Behavior: Do not follow or unfollow users massively, and avoid repeatedly posting similar content or making excessive mentions of users who do not follow you.
  1. Take a Break from Twitter: Some users have reported that taking a short break from Twitter (a few days with no activity) can help reset their account status.
  1. Contact Twitter Support: If you believe you have been shadowbanned in error, contact Twitter support for more information or to request a review of your account.
  1. Change your Tweet Behavior: Make sure your future posts are in line with Twitter community policies. Being more aware of your content can prevent future problems.
  1. Verify your Account Settings: Make sure your account is set up correctly. Check your privacy and security settings to make sure there are no restrictions imposed by mistake on your account.
  1. Creating Quality Content: Posting engaging and quality content can improve the interaction and visibility of your tweets.

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