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Digital Marketing 04 March 2021

They say the world of marketing is constant learning. It is the truth, the tools change very quickly, and it is necessary to recycle. What you learned three years ago, today is no longer good for you.

But between us, being sometimes reading and studying conventionally all the time can mentally deplete.

That’s why at Kiwop we believe that sitting on the couch for a while and putting on Netflix or HBO can even be productive.

get to watch movies about digital marketing

We will advise you a few films, series and documentaries about marketing, you only choose one from the list and relax.

However, we would tell you that when you are watching the film, you were mentally pointing out aspects that you can then apply to your business.

Now yes, hit the PLAY. ?

The best marketing movies

The Wolf of Wall Street

Film from 7 years ago, starring Leonardo Dicaprio (many asked for the Oscar for him with this film).

Together with Jordan you will learn mostly about organizational marketing (what to do and what not to do) and personal marketing.

Organizational marketing consists of applying marketing within the company itself. That is, motivating and involving employees. In the movie you will see good and bad practices about this.

One of the things that marked us most from this film is when they initially tell him something like “sell me a pen”, to see if he is able to create needs.

Personal marketing is about working your own skills to stand out from other professionals in the industry. We see Jordan stand out for his leadership and persuasion.

The Wolf of Wall Street Trailer

The Truman Show

It’s one of Jim Carrey‘s best movies. It’s about a man who seems to have the perfect life, and he’s actually inside a BIG Brother-style TV show with an audience of millions of people.

What can we learn from this film? It is clear: product placement, that is, advertising location. It is a marketing strategy that consists of introducing a product into an audiovisual film.

In this show, there is a constant product placement, the characters interact all the time with the products and brands, and “without realizing it” they are selling them to us.

Yes, we put it in quotation marks, because in this tape it is all very exaggerated, but that way you can easily learn the concept.

To keep in mind: from 2010 the law became stricter with this advertising strategy, so if you want to apply it, study well the techniques that are allowed.

The Truman Show Trailer

The best series on marketing

Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris is a Netflix series released four months ago.

It’s about a girl who moves to Paris to work with a French marketing company. She’ll give her American point of view.

With this series you can learn multiple marketing concepts.

For example, you can see how participating in conversations about social movements are a must for businesses, and it’s something they can’t ignore.

And it is that making your audience participate in the conversation as well, will make you improve the engagement, and make your brand have greater impact. In the serie they do so by asking on Twitter: “sexist or sexy”.

Another learning of this series is related to the world of influencers. When you reach agreements with them, let them get the content they go up to be authentic and relevant. Like Emily does when she attends events.

Learn about influencer with this marketing series

We could tell you a lot more, but we’d end up doing some to you than some other spoiler. 😉

Emily in Paris trailer

Black Mirror

Series of independent chapters with each other, where you can first see the third chapter of the second season, and nothing will happen, because they are differentiated stories.

However, they all have a common thread. Each chapter deals with a dystopian future, in which technology is integrated into our human body.

We recommend that every time you watch an episode, look for more about the topic that has been talked about, and in this way you can learn more.

The most emblematic chapter is “Nosedive” (season 3 Chap. 1), as it addresses the issue of how people measure their validity in the RRSS. If you have less than X likes, you nobody, and you can’t do anything.

It’s based on a rating system that gives you the rest of the people, and depending on the grades, you have one status or another.

It’s a “pretty real” thing today. Many companies rely on ratings for their services to be recommended, such as AirBnB, or Glovo carriers.

User loyalty marketing strategy: ratings.
Ratings system

It is a marketing strategy to retain users.

You have a lot more chapters, but we’re not going to gut them all either. ?


The best marketing documentaries

The social media dilemma

The Social Dilemma. It is a documentary that deals, above all, with the addiction that social networks can cause.

Once a marketing mentor told us a phrase, which in fact is also repeated in the documentary:

“If you don’t pay for the product, you’re the product”

The Social Dilemma
The dilemma of social media in marketing
Social Media

That is, advertisers are paying to show you an ad. Social media will then try to get you hooked on the screen for the longest time.

This documentary highlights the danger of the youngest people in the house. They have the use of RRSS so integrated into their life, which influences their education.

Even former workers at these companies comment in the film that they are restricted from using their children.

We are a social media marketing experiment. But not everything in them is bad, if we make good use of them, regulated and controlled, we will be able to extract their advantages, as mass communication for companies.

Preview of the documentary “The Social Dilemma”

The mind, Explained

More than a documentary, it’s a documentary series. It consists of 5 mini chapters very easy to see.

It’s about how our brains work inside. An immense and seemingly inexplicable world.

It takes a tour of your mind, and stops at the stops: memories, sleep, anxiety, mindfulness and hallucinogens.

If you like these themes, on the Kiwop blog we have another article related to this topic, neuromarketing. Or, in other words, the union of the power of the mind with marketing: to use the ins and outs of our minds to make companies sell more.

The power of neuromarketing
The Power of the Mind

In this documentary you will also expand your knowledge to be able to get to know the consumer better and be able to penetrate better in their minds. That way, they show friendlier ads that match their personalities.

Pay special attention to the first episode that talks about memory.

Trailer for the documentary series The Mind, Explained

Now you’ve already entertained yourself and learned at the same time

After watching these movies, series and documentaries, you’ll have internalized many marketing concepts that you can apply to your business.

We could have put many more, but we preferred to give you a little pill first. If you wish we can do a second part in the future.

If you want more tips on possible marketing strategies to apply, follow us on our Instagram.

We can also give you more personalized help, so don’t hesitate tocontact us.

Let’s go!

Watch the movies and apply those strategies that best go to your business! ?


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