Is WordPress the best CMS for a corporate website?

Web Design and Development 27 March 2020

You need a corporate website, easy to maintain and well positioned. Which CMS is the one that best suits your business idea?

WordPress: the best CMS for your web project

CMS (Content Management System)

A CMS, also known as a content manager, is a software tool for creating, administering and managing a website.

The creation of content management systems was an important advance for web design and development, since CMS allow you to manage the information and design of a website without knowing in-depth code.

WordPress is currently the most widely used CMS in the world.

cms wordpress
WordPress web development

Among the most used CMS in the world for corporate websites, we also highlight Drupaland Symfony, and for the creation of online stores, Magento, Prestashop, Shopify and Woo Commerce. In this article, we will focus on WordPress as the best CMS for corporate websites.

wordpress for corporate websites

WordPress is the most widespread and fastest growing web development platform today.

More than 35% of the Internet has been developed on this CMS.

Initially the WordPress platform was developed for the creation of blogs, but nowadays it is used to create and manage all kinds of web pages. Since its birth in 2003, it has not stopped growing and updating, 36 major versions of WordPress have been released since the platform started.

WordPress is the fastest growing CMS, it has 50-60% global CMS market share, making it the most popular CMS.

Why is WordPress so popular? Is WordPress the best CMS for your corporate website?

WordPress offers functionalities for all business’ needs. The WordPress functionalities aim to improve the visibility of your online brand and capture new opportunities efficiently.

WordPress features and functionalities:

The main reasons to develop your website on WordPress

The reasons why WordPress is the best CMS for a corporate website are closely related to its functionalities and characteristics, described above.

WordPress is an optimal solution to gain online visibility. Let’s see why:

Scalable and 100% customisable (plugins and themes)

WordPress has thousands of plugins and themes to develop a corporate website. You can find a wide variety of themes (both free and paid) to choose the one that best suits the needs of each business based on its design and characteristics.

It also offers a wide variety of plugins, free and paid, that add or extend functionality to your theme. Using the WooCommerce plugin, you can transform any WordPress website into an online store.

If the technical requirements for your website are specific and very concrete, and you prefer not to use the themes and plugins that WordPress offers because they do not adapt 100% to your needs, at Kiwop we can develop your own custom theme or plugin, controlling all the factors.

WordPress is a secure CMS

As we mentioned previously, WordPress is an open source platform, anyone can download it and access the source code. Nothing is 100% secure on the internet, and WordPress (being so widespread) is one of the favorite targets for hackers. Despite this, WordPress is a safe platform.

The fact that WordPress is an Open Source platform means that the large community that WordPress has contributes to detecting and solving errors, bugs or vulnerabilities. The WordPress community is very extensive and active. When errors and vulnerabilities are detected, new versions appear to fix them in a very short time.

WordPress is increasingly becoming one of the most robust and secure CMS.

Do not forget to make regular backups, they will be your salvation if you had a problem tomorrow.

WordPress is the most widespread and widely used CMS on the market

If it is the most widespread and widely used CMS on the market, it is for a reason. Statistics do not deceive. More than 1 in 4 existing websites are made with WordPress.

WordPressease of use

As for ease of use, WordPress is unrivaled. One of its strongest points is its ease of use. Any user without programming or development or web design knowledge can learn to manage their corporate website in WordPress in no time.

The WordPress backend interface is simple, clear and intuitive and its rich text editor is powerful and versatile.

ease of use in wordpress
WordPress web development

In addition, for being one of the most widespread and used CMS, you will find a wide variety of tutorials, guides and courses online.

Community and support

As we mentioned when we referred to WordPress security, we repeat: The WordPress community is one of the most extensive. It has a wide community of developers and companies that work with this technology. If you create your WordPress website, you can rest easy, you will never lack support.


WordPress is a tool that will help you work and optimize the SEO on page of your site. Not only because of the fact that it is a tool that allows you to have full control of the HTML that is printed on your website.

You will find many plugins (YoastSEO, among others) that help improve the SEO of your website. With these plugins, setting the title meta tags, description, and keywords correctly to optimise SEO, will be a piece of cake.


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