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Web Design and Development 25 May 2020

The budget for web development depends on many factors. The objective of today’s article is to help you clarify any doubts you have about it and for this, we will analyze the different factors that influence the price of a website. web

Before delving into the factors that directly influence the budget for web development,there are certain aspects that must be taken into account before deciding how much to invest in the new website.

Being clear these aspects will help you decide between the different options. During this phase before considering possible offers it is important to decide the budget that you can invest in your new website and your online presence.

investment in web development
Investment in Web Development

Depending on your budget, you can make the decision to create the website yourself, nowadays you can do it even without having technical knowledge, and this would be the cheapest option. But obviously, depending on the aspects described above (website functionality, website value and management), the option to create the website yourself may result in creating a website that serves you absolutely nothing. If you create a website in any way, it probably won’t help you meet your goals,or create new business opportunities,or give you a good online presence,so you’ll have wasted your time.

That said, in this article we will build on the basis that you will NOT choose to create the website yourself, and you will hire web development services in the hands of experts. Start!

Hiring experts in Web Design and Development

If you intend to create a quality website that will help you meet your business goals and increase your sales, the best decision you can make is to hire a web design and development specialist.

Generally speaking, prices for creating a website from experts are often based on:

Next, we’ll look at the additional factors that influence the final price of a website created by a web development expert(Digital Agency or Freelance).

Factors influencing the web development budget

Different specialists may ask for different budgets based on the following factors:

Dynamic websites vs static websites

A static website is one made up of web pages programmed only with HTML code and a CSS style. If you’re going to manage the website yourself, you’re going to have a lot more complicated to make any kind of changes. You’ll have to access the codes. Alternatively, you’re going to need the help of a programmer, ideally the one who created the initial website so that he can make the changes required by you.

Budget for a website
Budget for a website

A static website is usually cheaper compared to a dynamic website, because programming in a content manager is an additional task. Even so, less and less is chosen to invest in static websites, as the fact that the website owner cannot manage the content is usually an inconvenience.

On the other hand, dynamic websites are those that use content managers, and the main objective of content managers is to facilitate the control of the website. WordPress, Drupal and Joomla are just a few examples of the most popular CMS. Most digital and freelance agencies offer dynamic websites with some content manager, with WordPress being the most used.

In terms of price, the development of a dynamic website is more expensive than a static website,and designing a website from scratch in WordPress is more expensive (since it requires more development time) than a template-based WordPress website as we’ll discuss later.

Web development based on template and custom web development

A template is a ready-made website: ithas a structure, layout, CSS styles, and programming that allow it to be used with a content manager, in most cases, WordPress,because it is the most popular content manager.

Consequently, template-based web development requires the developer much less work because he does not have to create the entire website from scratch; you will only need to alter the templates according to your customer’s specific needs. Less work – less budget required. Although creating a template-based website is a cheaper option, you have to be careful, it can end up being an expensive project if too many changes are required in the template, as the additional customization costs will be added.

On the other hand, custom web development or custom web development of a website has a higher cost than adapting a template. If you require a highly customized and unique website, it is more cost-effective to opt for a custom web development, than for a template to which you then have to adapt too many changes.

Web project size

The budget of a web development can vary considerably depending on the size of the project, obviously it is not the same to create a small website with few functionalities as a large website that requires a lot of customization and very specific functionalities.

Digital Agency vs Freelance for a web project

Hiring a freelancer can be a cheaper option than working with a web development agency.

Here are the reasons to hire a web development agency.

Hiring web development in developing markets

Web design/development has differences in its prices in different countries of the world; the main difference is given according to the level of development of each country due to the different costs of living, the purchasing power of each country, and other relevant economic factors. As a result, web experts located in India, Eastern Europe or South America can offer cheaper prices to carry out the same web project as web experts in the United States, or Europe.

Contracting web development services
Web development agency

There are quality specialists in all the countries of the world, so we will not talk about the quality of the work, but if we will comment on other aspects that may be significant when choosing these services:

Additional services

Here are the additional services that also influence the budget for web development:

The cost of dominance

If you want to save costs on your budget, you can choose a cheap domain with your business name and add the .com extension to it.

But beware, there are many reasons why you might want to spend more budget on buying multiple versions of a domain to create:

Additionally, registering multiple versions of your domain can prevent malicious users from registering domains similar to yours and making dubious use of it.

El Hosting

The web hosting plan you hire is a fundamental decision. Your hosting will determine the performance of your website, so we recommend that you do not try to save money in this regard. WPO web performance is now one of the most important aspects for good usability and user experience and also for Google


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