11 Tips for Getting a Perfect LinkedIn Profile

Digital Marketing 24 March 2021

Want more opportunities in the professional world?

If your answer has been yes, you would have to consider Linkedin in your social media strategy.

social media strategy: linkedin
Include Linkedin in your social media strategy

Stay with us, and we’ll tell you the secrets. ?

Importance of the LinkedIn social network today

LinkedIn it is a TOP 1 social network in its main feature: to be a wide range of professional opportunities.

It is the best at its purpose worldwide. His only competition is Xing in Germany. So only if you want to develop work in that country, you’ll need to focus your presence on that social network.

On this social network you won’t look for fun or entertainment like the other 3 great ones (Instagram, Facebook or Twitter).

LinkedIn is useful for creating connections and cultivating professional relationships, so if you’re able to do it right, you’ll be opened up to a great world of work beneath your feet. You will generate job opportunities, possible businesses, etc.

Create connections to your LinkedIn profile
Create LinkedIn connections

This social network consists of being, in a nut words, an active and dynamic curriculum vitae, which will have to be 100% complete.

Here we will find professionals such as companies, headhunters or human resources managers.

But if you want them to locate you, as we said, you will have to optimize your entire profile well, not just the “CV”.

Create it now and optimize it! ?

Why have an optimized profile

In this social network, 45% of users are CEOs or business owners. And it can also be said that 80% of companies use this social network to look for candidates for their vacancies.

If you have it optimized it will be easier to be found. You’ll make it easier for recruiters to do your homework.

Recruiters on LinkedIn
Make it easy for recruiters

What can give you an improved profile?

In short, if you have it optimized you will create greater impact and more job possibilities.

You’ll be thinking “OK, I know that having a LinkedIn profile is important and will be beneficial to me, but… how do I do it?”


11 Tips for Getting a Perfect LinkedIn Profile

Take a pen and a folio and start taking note: we want you to have your account as good as possible.

1. The photo

The photo is very important, because it will be the first visual impact. It is also necessary, because a profile without photo is considered incomplete, and you are less likely to be found by headhunters.

In the picture you must go out alone. In the foreground, from the waist up will be fine.

The conditions of the photo: that it has good lighting, that it is sharp, and that the center of the photo is your face.

Photo for your LinkedIn profile
Consider the LinkedIn profile picture

You will also have to take into account the existence of the cover photo. It will talk about you so if you insert an image related to your sector better, and if you customize it with your email, it will further improve your branding.

2. Keywords on your profile

Do research with tools like SemRush on the best keywords in the industry you want to work in, and insert them all over your profile.

That way, when recruiters search to find employees with that position, you’ll be in the results.

3. Presentation title

Try to compose it taking into account the keywords discussed in the previous point.

It’s going to have to be short, concise, but it describes well what you do. And as it’s eye-catching.

Don’t use clichés or capital letters that can throw recruiters back.

4. Organize the profile in different parts

The LinkedIn profile is divided by different sections. You will have to write it and complete it 100%,do not forget anything and organize the information well.

If you have a certificate, add it, too.

5. Control your connections

Important that you’re networking with people.

But not with everyone, create connections with people in your profession, so you’ll create a network of contacts related to your industry that will be able to offer you more job opportunities in the future.

Always try to compose an initial message when you connect, and make your intentions clear, if you want to advertise it tell it and that it does not come to you again.

6. Join groups

Apply to join groups related to your world and actively participate to make your name start ringing through the industry.

7. Constantly interact

The first thing you see when you enter LinkedIn are people’s posts. Both those that are connections and those of other people with whom your connections have interacted.

If you publish, sharing other posts, commenting on them or giving them to “recommend”… all of that will make them see you and get them in the feed.

Your name will come out all over the sector more and more.

8. Customize your URL

When you create a LinkedIn profile, it will give you a very rare URL by default.

The network gives you the possibility to customize your URL so that when you share your profile they already see your name, your personal brand.

9. Recommendations

If you get someone from your previous projects to write you a recommendation, you’ll have the headhunters look at your profile with other eyes.

10. Constantly update

Always keep your profile up to date. Filling in as if it were a resume and leaving the forgotten account doesn’t go with LinkedIn.

If recruiters see inactivity it will hurt you.

11. Try to be professional

In all your publications: redeem them professionally.

And in all your profile in general: be honest, always tell the truth, because the lie has very short legs.

Keys to finding work on LinkedIn
Keys to success

If you haven’t implemented LinkedIn to your social media strategy, we don’t know what you’re waiting for

We’ve told you why this social network is so important, why you should optimize your profile and how to do it.

If you want to expand your knowledge on how to do it from a company point of view we leave you another article of ours.

For more tips on digital marketing in general, you can follow us on our Instagram or also on our LinkedIn.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need specialized help.

Come on, start building your network of contacts! ?


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