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5 tips for good remarketing

Remarketing is a digital marketing strategy widely used by online businesses.

This tool is based on creating personalized campaigns aimed at those users who have visited the web previously, but who have not ended up consuming.

The objective of all this: to increase the ROI (Return on Investment).

From Kiwop, we tell you what remarketing is, why incorporate it into your digital strategy and tips to do it successfully.

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What is remarketing?

Remarketing is the technique that allows you to generate ads adapted to users who have visited the web before and have not ended up consuming.

Once a potential customer accesses our website and shows interest in the products or services shown there, we cannot let them escape.

For that reason, there is remarketing, to get you back and finish the purchase process.

However, this practice should not be confused with retargeting. We encourage you to discover the main differences and similarities between remarketing and retargeting.

How this technique works

The operation of the remarketing technique is very simple.

When a user accesses a web page, cookies detect it and, in addition to identifying the visitor, access their activity history.

This information allows the user to be added to a remarketing list, for which custom campaigns will then be created.

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Types of remarketing

The important thing in digital marketing is to know perfectly each of the tools that this sector offers us.

For this reason, we tell you that there are two types:

Dynamic remarketing

Dynamic remarketing shows a personalized ad with the product or service that the user has consulted on the web, but has not ended up acquiring.

Static remarketing

Static remarketing shows a generic ad and redirects the user to the main page of the online store where they had seen the product or service that interested them, but did not end up consuming.

Therefore, the main difference is that one is more personalized than the other, which affects the effectiveness of the campaign.

What are the advantages of remarketing

It is a tool that allows you to recover old web users who, for different reasons, have not completed the purchase process.

In addition, it offers great advantages for online businesses. Here we detail the main 👇

  • Enhances the image of the brand
  • Remember the products or services of a website
  • Allows you to segment the users to whom the campaigns are directed
  • Reach users when they are more likely to buy
  • Can be combined with Google Adwords strategies
  • Delivers valuable data for marketing
Remarketing offers great advantages for online businesses

5 tips to make a good remarketing

Keep in mind all the elements of your campaign

One of the main remarketing tips is that you have very defined all the elements of your campaign before starting it:

  • Install the tracking tag on your website to ensure campaign effectiveness
  • Be clear about the product or service that will be displayed
  • Build and personalize audiences
  • Check that everything is working properly

Consider multiple channels for your remarketing campaign

Don’t limit your campaign to just your website. You look much further and expand it on other portals and social networks to increase the chances of success.

The more options, the better results you will get.

Expand audiences across different devices

In addition to remarketing across multiple channels, it includes all devices to take full advantage of opportunities.

Segment the campaign across multiple devices and customize the message for each user profile.

Create good ads

First, define what you want to achieve and how you intend to carry it out.

When you have it clear, design attractive ads that generate interest in your users to encourage them to buy.

Here are some key factors:

  • Arouse interest in your potential customers
  • Do not fill the ad with text or images, better offer clarity and understanding at first glance
  • Includes eye-catching images
  • Provides dynamism
  • Provides reasons to complete the purchase process successfully

Optimize the performance of your campaign

The important thing is not the launch of the remarketing campaign, but the maintenance of it.

Review it periodically, adjust it and optimize it to achieve the best possible results.

Incorporate remarketing into your digital marketing strategy

You have already seen the advantages of remarketing and several tips to implement it in your e-commerce successfully.

Surely you have it clear, so do not wait any longer.

Use remarketing to increase the ROI of your online business.

Remember that if you need help or want us to solve any questions related to your e-commerce, we will be happy to do so.

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