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The ultimate manual on how to view Reels statistics

We already have them here!

A few days ago, Instagram announced something we had been waiting for a long time: the statistics are now available for Reels.

And what does this mean?

More light for those of us who are dedicated to creating content in this format.

Yes, we are soooo happy. And you sure do too.

But it doesn’t mean it’s all going to be sewing and singing from now on.

For starters, you might be going a little crazy to know how to view Reels stats.

Maybe you’ve already accessed them and thought “all right, now what do I do with this?”

You may have seen some metrics that you did not expect in the Reels you have been doing so far and you want to redirect the strategy.

Or you can simply be a first-timer in the Reels format, that you still lack filming and want to discover much more to start with them in style.

Be that as it may, throughout this article we will tell you everything you need to know to access the new section and see the statistics of the Instagram Reels.

And not only that: we will also share some tips so that you understand what the data is telling you, as well as examples of profiles that are doing very well.


What are Instagram Reels and why are they a must-have

But before you start, if you’re still a little clueless and don’t know much about the Reels, don’t worry.

Here’s the key information you should know before you jump into creating content:

  • It is the offensive that Instagram carried out to try to stop TikTok. It is a new video format that can last up to 60 seconds.
  • Instagram is giving a lot, a lot of visibility to this format. The goal is clear: for people to make more Reels than TikToks.

    There are many accounts that have grown exponentially thanks to the Reels. An example is the Personal Brand Mentor Soy Paula Comunica,who went from about 8,000 followers to approximately 15,000 in a matter of a couple of months thanks to them.
One of the keys in the positioning of Soy Paula Comunica have been the Reels.
  • Every day there are many challenges and trends that you can join and that make it easier for you to create content. You have thousands and thousands of proposals with which to inspire you.
  • If your content is of quality and attracts attention, it may go viral and appear in the Explore section. And that you are in that section is almost like you play the lottery on Instagram.
  • It is an ideal content format if you are carrying out a brand visibility strategy,since it is designed above all to reach users who do not follow you.
  • You can edit the videos directly from Instagram. You don’t need to use professional editing programs like Adobe Premiere or external apps. Everything is well assembled so that you can edit without complicating yourself a lot and get some very decent videos.

As you can see, it is neither complicated nor a waste of time to bet on the Reels.

In this article we give you more details about the Reels format and how to incorporate it into your Social Media strategy.

But if you have been doing it for some time and you are completely convinced of its potential, let’s go for what interests you: the new function of statistics.

Step-by-step guide to viewing Reels statistics

There is very little left for you to start analyzing your Reels and draw conclusions.

But before we get into flour, we ask you a question: what kind of Instagram account do you have?

Yes, although it seems somewhat irrelevant, it is very important to know, since you can have a different configuration.

The different types of accounts are:

  • The personal account is the one that everyone usually has. With this one, however, you don’t have access to any kind of statistics.

  • The creator account is the one that influencers have, for example. You can see metrics of your audience that with the personal one you can’t. It is a good option if you want to start analyzing your posts.

  • The professional account is the one you should put on if you have a business. You can visualize all metrics, boost posts (like Reels) to reach more people, or include calls to action like being contacted by email.

Do you already have the type of account you are interested in? Okay, so let’s move on with the process.

Take your mobile, open Instagram and follow these steps to access your statistics.

  1. Go to your profile and enter the Reels section.
  2. Once you’ve opened a Reel, click on the three vertical dots at the bottom right.
  3. Go to “View Insights” or “View Statistics”.
  4. Another option is to go to the feed section and if you have the Shared Reels there too, click on one of them and it will come out under the video “View statistics” or “View Insights”.
In this section you can check the statistics of your Reels

And voilà, here you have them. Welcome to the wonderful world of data and analytics at Reels.

And what can you do now with this information?

We know that it is easy for you to go from excitement to overwhelm in a short time with so much data, so stay reading a little more, we give you some tips to better understand what the new functionality of Reels tells you.

How to draw conclusions from Reels statistics

Very well, you have finally accessed the statistics section, but now what?

First of all, it is essential that you understand the following metrics that Reels provides.

  • Accounts reached: number of accounts that have viewed the Reel at least once. If you notice that your Reel has reached many people, but the number of views is much lower, it means that something in that content has not worked quite right.

  • Reproductions: a very relevant metric in the Reels format. It means that, of all the accounts reached, the video has been viewed X times.

  • I like it: no need to go into detail, we all know what it is. 🙂

  • Comments: it is a metric that Instagram values a lot, since it favors those publications that have enough comments because it means that they have attracted the interest of users and that social interaction is being generated in it (one of the objectives of any social network).

  • Times shared: The number of times it has been shared by direct message to another account or in Stories.

    If you have enough it means that the content has been relevant to the person who has seen you and not only that, but also believes that it will be useful for more people. It usually costs that the number is very high, but it is a good indicator that people share your Reels.

  • Times it has been saved: without a doubt, one of the key metrics and that Instagram has more in account in addition to the comments. If you have enough saved, congratulations. They have found your content useful and want to see it more than once.

From this, you can be asked above all two possible scenarios. And then we detail what actions to carry out according to the data that your Reels statistics show.

1. You don’t have many saved.

Creating saveable content is essential for Instagram’s algorithm to take you more into account.

With each save, instagram is being told that your content is worthy of being viewed more than once and that you’re therefore making people spend more time within the app.

Just what Instagram wants.

A tip we give you is to bet, for example, on educational content where you solve a doubt or problem to people through mini tutorials, list of ideas, etc.

In this way, you motivate users to save your Reels to see it again later, since you are providing them with useful information.

Examples of Reels with educational content from Big Bang Conversion, Airhopping and Leroy Merlin

2. You don’t get to many accounts.

Reels can be a very, very fun format to use and you can spend a lot of time creating content.

But keep in mind that, if we have all started to do Reels as if there were no tomorrow, it is above all for a clear objective: to take advantage of the visibility that Instagram is giving it in order to reach more people with our accounts.

And of course, when you see that after having a good time thinking about the content, recording, editing, etc., this one has only 200 views, it is easy to get depressed.

But don’t panic. Here are some tips you can follow to increase that reach:

  • Use hashtags
    Yes, hashtags matter (they’ve never stopped). And key is that you use them with your head.

    We recommend that you use a maximum of 15 and that they are part of these categories:related to the content of that Reels, related to your sector and related to the target audience you have.

    It’s also important that you put hashtags in the space for description. If you put them in the comment area, you lose reach. We have proven it.
  • Use trending music.
    It is not that it is 100% mandatory, but it does help your Reel to be visualized more.

    Do you want to know what music is trending in Reels?

    We leave you this Spotify playlist that is renewed periodically.
Spotify Playlist with Trending Songs on Reels
  • Join the trends/challenges.
    And no, it doesn’t mean you should start dancing. You can do a lot more things.

    The key is to bring those challenges or trends to your field and give them the format you want.

    Want examples? They can be in tutorial format where you explain the step by step of something related to your sector, a video answering frequently asked questions, showing a work process or behind the scenes, a before and after of a project, among others.

    Look for inspiration in other accounts and you will see the ideas you can think of.
  • Share your new Reels in Stories.
  • Share, as much as possible, your reels in your feed. We have found that, if you do not put the Reel in your section of the feed, the views and reach go down a lot.

And remember: the key is to make Reels with strategy

We know that the temptation to start making Reels in droves is high. Very high.

But don’t let this new format blind you.

It is possible that you reach many people and start to increase your number of followers, but keep in mind that, if you are on Instagram to get customers or to interact with you because they like your content, it is of little use to you to have ghost followers.

Therefore, before you start creating content on Reels, ask yourself what kind of content can give you a faster return on investment.

For example, if you are an e-commerce,take advantage of Reels to show your products and their benefits, how they are used, tutorials to take advantage of them … Whatever you can think of! See how well they do at Freshly Cosmetics.

Sample content for Freshly Cosmetics Reels

If you are a service business,such as a design studio, you may be interested in showing your work process from beginning to end or seeing how thanks to your designs there has been a great change for the client. Look how well Agencia Rosais doing.

Examples of content for service businesses such as Agencia Rosa

Another good example is found in Natalia Carballo,a makeup and facial aesthetics professional who recently launched an online course on eyebrow care and makeup.

Natalia took the opportunity to create content in Reels related to the theme of the course in order to attract new people who might be interested in the product.

Examples of content for a digital launch by Natalia Carballo

As you can see, it is a matter of taking a few moments to think, and see what the time and effort you will spend on making Reels can bring you.

We hope this guide to Reels’ new Instagram insights and great potential has helped you determine what you’re doing well and what you can improve with your videos.

If you still want to know more about stats, don’t leave without first taking a look at this full article about instagram insights and all their metrics.

And take a look at our Instagram profile for more useful, actionable and fresh content.

As always, thank you for reading. 🙂

We want to help you get results.

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