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5 tips to get optimal results with Smart Bidding in Google Ads

Creating a Google Ads campaign that brings good results is not as easy as publishing your ads, having your brand appear in first position and starting to register sales or leads. Hopefully! We are sorry to disappoint you.

Because behind optimal results are hidden SEM strategies, many of them taking into account Google Ads automations. And this is the case of Smart Bidding.

At Kiwop we want your business to be future. That is why we recommend you continue reading this article on how to obtain optimal results with Smart Bidding in Google Ads.

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What is Smart Bidding

Smart Bidding is an option that google Ads in which the Bidding strategy can be done automatically, always based on the algorithm of the platform and how you see the ads, your objective, keywords, device, location or what you are working and getting the competition, among other things.

In this way, thanks to Smart Bidding , the bidding strategy of each campaign is adapted automatically and based on previous learning. In other words, if Google Ads checks that everything is fine in your ads, you can forget about selecting the type of bid!

And it is that Google Ads allows you to work with different bids based on what you are looking for with your campaign. For example:

  • If you want to get traffic there is the option to maximize clicks.
  • If you want to achieve the maximum possible conversions at a maximum price, you can choose the CPA or Cost per Action strategy.
  • If you’re looking for the most conversions no matter what you spend or what profits you receive, you can choose to maximize conversions.
  • Or if you need to get the maximum profit possible, you can choose to choose ROAS or Return on Ad Spend bids as well as maximize the value of conversions.
Smart Bidding allows you to optimize bids in Google Ads

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Advantages of using Smart Bidding in Google Ads

The advantages of Smart Bidding are multiple, and go beyond the automation of the task of choosing a bid. We’ll tell you!

Advanced Learning

Thanks to automation based on learning and trial and error, campaigns improve their optimization and make more accurate predictions, as well as having a lower margin of error.

Optimizing your time

Another advantage is that it allows you to save time or dedicate it to other tasks. The time you invested in studying if the objectives were being met or in deciding which bidding strategy you should use, is already history!

Improved performance in Google Ads campaigns

By constantly improving the bidding strategy, you also get an increase in clicks and therefore an increase in leads or sales. Thus, both the performance of the campaigns in Google Ads and the benefit they generate increase thanks to Smart Bidding.

Improve positioning

By having an adequate strategy and getting a greater number of clicks, it also improves the positioning compared to the competition.

5 tips to improve your results with Smart Bidding in Google Ads

Of course! The advantages of Smart Bidding and its proper functioning will also depend on several factors that depend on you. We tell you what you should take into account to optimize the results with Smart Bidding.

Choose the right goal in your campaign

What are you looking to achieve with your campaigns? Sales, leads, traffic… Let Google Ads know! In this way, the algorithm of the platform will be able to find the bidding strategy that works best for your campaign, always according to what you need.

Check how conversion tracking works properly

Before launching your campaign, always remember to check that conversions are recorded correctly. Not only for your information, but also for Google Ads to know!

Thus, the Smart Bidding function will capture all the data to find the bids that best suit and give the greatest result. Because if Smart Bidding looks for conversions but in Google Ads none is registered… The strategy will change constantly!

Simplify your account structure

Google Ads recommends simplifying the account structure as much as possible to use Smart Bidding more accurately. That is, not to work a large number of campaigns, but to unify them whenever possible.

Experiment with the automatic bidding strategy

Trying and making mistakes always ends up being a success, because we can find a way to improve! So don’t hesitate to experiment with different bidding strategies. You can work with A/B tests, try different techniques in large campaigns, and so on.

Evaluate Smart Bidding results to optimize performance

And as always… Evaluate and study the results! See if with Smart Bidding you are getting where you want to go, or if you can change aspects of the campaign to improve its performance.

Evaluate the results to optimize your campaigns

Get the most out of Smart Bidding in Google Ads

You already know everything that Smart Bidding can help you in your Google Ads strategy, do you dare to try it?

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