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5 secrets about SEM that you don’t know

Creating and activating SEM campaigns is the easy part, the difficult thing is that these same campaigns get results.

To achieve these results, that is, conversions, traffic and of course sales, it is important to optimize your SEM strategy continuously.

At Kiwop, we want your business to be future. That is why we recommend you continue reading this article with everything you need to know about the lesser-known secrets of SEM.

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What is SEM or search engine advertising

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is, as its name suggests, a type of campaigns specially designed for search engines. There are different platforms, but the king, of course, is always Google Ads.

This type of campaigns are those that are activated through those previously established keywords. Plus, they appear ahead of organic search results, making it the perfect opportunity to reach your audience.

Beyond search campaigns, which are those that appear ahead of organic results, there are other types of campaigns such as Display, Discovery or video, which allow you to impact your target in a more visual way.

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Reasons why it’s a good idea to invest in SEM

The main advantage of SEM campaigns is that you reach your target in a much more direct way compared to other types of platforms. And you appear when your target audience is looking for what you offer.

Thanks to this, campaigns on SEM platforms such as Google Ads are usually the most profitable when it comes to achieving conversions with a good ROI or Return on Investment.

This is as long as your campaigns are well created, segmented and optimized to appear at the right time, of course.

Optimize your campaigns for better ROI

5 secrets for your SEM campaigns

And to ensure that your campaigns are well segmented and optimized to reach your target at the right time, we tell you five secrets to embroider your SEM campaigns.

Consider SEO in your SEM strategy

Both SEO and SEM work with keywords that must be activated when the target performs a search.

Therefore, do not forget to select very well the keywords that interest you in your campaigns, and for this you must base yourself on how your audience searches. In this case, both positive and negative keywords are key.

Don’t forget to update your SEM campaigns

SEM campaigns must be constantly updated, and users are changing their way of consulting or searching over time. This means that the keywords will also vary.

The user experience in SEM

The user experience is key for a good SEM campaign to end up leading to sales. Always keep the updated contents, buttons, CTAs, images and links correctly on your landing page or website.

Work on the usability of your website or landing page

Reach your target audience in campaigns

If you know your target audience well, you know where they move, how they search, purchasing power and even interests, what do you do that you do not take advantage of?

Segment your campaigns very well to make sure you reach your target.

Use Google Ads Quality Score

Google Ads has an option called Quality Score that, as you can imagine by name, scores the effectiveness and quality of the ads you create on a scale of 1 to 10.

Try to always make your score as high as possible. Thus, you are communicating to Google that your ads are very relevant to your audience.

Don’t forget to invest in SEM campaigns

After knowing these lesser-known facts of the SEM strategy , do not forget to put it into practice.

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