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The time has come: you want to step up and create an online store. You’ve been in mind for a long time and you’re excited about this project.

Now you need to know what e-commerce platform options are available and which one best suits your needs and your business model.

Currently, there are different options like WooCommerce, Prestashop, Shopify and Magento. The best, however, is the latter.

Magento is a professional e-commerce platform, designed to manage hundreds and thousands of products, and operate quickly and efficiently. It is highly recommended for online stores and physical stores that want to have a presence on the Internet. It is also a good choice for Dropshipping.

Here are 13 good reasons to choose Magento for your e-commerce.

For these reasons you should choose Magento for your e-commerce

#1 It’s open source

Web developers have access to code and can alter features and functions.

This means a high degree of customization, as they will be able to adapt Magento to your exact business model.

Give a lot of freedom and allow you to add improvements to your e-commerce as needed.

#2 Easy Content Management

You don’t need to be a developer to make changes to the content of your online business.

Magento has a very intuitive and visual page editor to manage the content. For example, when adding descriptions to product cards.

#3 Ideal for mobile devices

Users have spent more time on mobile for a long time than on the computer, so you can’t neglect in any of the ways the mobile version of your online store.

Magento is well aware of this, and that’s why he’s fully prepared to create e-commerce that are displayed correctly on mobile devices and small screens.

In this way, it takes advantage of the influx of users who will visit your online store from mobile and create an optimal user experience that leads them to purchase your products.

#4 Shopping Basket

It allows the user to retrieve the products that he leaves in the basket when he leaves the online store, if he has previously accepted the use of cookies in his browser.

Thus the possibility of sale grows when the user returns and becomes a way of loyalty to the customer.

#5 Fully SEO-ready

Getting organic visits through Google is essential for your e-commerce to work in the medium and long term.

Magento has a very powerful module to configure everything necessary for web positioning: menu navigation, URLS, internal search, etc.

Each page is developed with its right SEO, without having to invest more money or time in this.

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Magento allows you to make multiple seO configurations

#6 Has a multitude of extensions

There are more than 11,000 extensions available (free and paid) that offer new features to the platform.

Magento gives you a base and then you have the possibility to customize it to your liking, something to consider.

#7 Has a multi-store option

Magento gives the option to centralize the management of one or more online stores in a single admin panel.

In addition, you can also present multiple views of the same store according to different languages, time zones, etc. And you can set the prices and collect in different currencies.

This represents a significant advantage for companies that have a global market.

#8 Customers and Orders, all in one place

With Magento, you can manage customer accounts and manage access data from a single database.

Similarly, it also allows you to access the user transaction log and manage invoices.

You’ll have it all in one place without going crazy when it comes to finding all the necessary documents for your business.

#9 Boosts sales through related and suggested products

Magento has the option to present users with products related to the one they have added to the cart.

This encourages the purchase and it is proven that the value of the cart increases.

For example, if the user adds a facial serum to the cart, they may be shown the moisturizer that would complete the evening routine. When the user sees it, the chances of him acquiring it increase a lot.

These marketing techniques are called cross-selling and up-selling,and having them in your e-commerce can dial a first one after.

Example of cross-selling with Magento in the e-commerce Queen’s online

#10 Stands out for its robustness and safety

With Magento you won’t have issues like page drops or update failures.

In addition, all information from the online store, customers, products, orders and transactions are fully protected, without third parties being able to access such information.

#11 Layered Navigation

Filter products by price, category, colors, marks, or by any of the preset attributes. This helps the user find what they are looking for and improve their experience.

#12 Special Configurations

You can schedule prices in specific seasons and promotions in some transactions.

You can also offer discounts on purchases that exceed a certain amount, set specific prices for which customers, etc.

#13 Metrics

It allows to monitor all the movements of users providing data on the activity and performance of the e-commerce.

The online store is associated with Google Analytics and in this way you can analyze what the user is looking for the most, when they leave the purchase, etc.

Magento is a great choice for your e-commerce

In short, Magento it is a very safe and powerfultool, not only because of the large amount of content that allows you to manage but also for the ability to customize.

If you want to be in the online market, you have to definitely have this option. Allow your online store to grow with your business. In addition, once created it is very easy to use, and the business owner can manage it without the help of the programmer.

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We want to help you get results.
We want to help you get results.