Sportiuk is a sports equipment online shop that aims to compete with the market’s big players.

The online shop was created from 0 and its priority was to maximimise SEO in such a competitive field.

In order to do that, we developed and designed the online shop considering:

  • Semi-automatic SEO in all descriptions of products with phrases based on product characteristics
  • Stock and product update system using CSV files
  • Product brands with one page for each brand
  • Importance of web colors
  • Easy navigation through all categories
  • Descriptive text in all categories and subcategories
  • Size system

The button colors were optimized on the product page to try to get more conversions. Additionally, product descriptions are generated semi-automatically.

The purchase process was developed to make it easier and more intuitive. Only a single page was used, thus it is much easier and more effective for the customer to fill in their data without getting lost in the purchase process.

We want to help you get results.